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Outdoor Light-Studio Style...GBP Creative Photography and Video


Outdoor Light-Studio Style...GBP Creative Photography and Video


Some of our favourite portraits as of late, we got when we were asked by Up Here Magazine to shoot Claude Vallier, who is one of our premier backcountry skiers.  

(Get their latest issue to check out the article!)

Sweet assignment right??!  Problem was, at the time, there was no snow outside for us to use… and a portrait of Claude in normal clothes standing outside in the dirt seemed like a bit of a waste compared to the graphic elements of an awesome skier in full ski gear and the beauty of soft, snowy light. So... the only choice was to hit the studio and make it look like an epic snowy day...Challenge accepted.

SO have you ever been outside on a bright, snowy winter day? The light is rad… it comes from everywhere…well, I mean, it comes from the sun of course, but then bounces off the ground and the trees and everything else that is covered with snow (think giant white reflectors from every direction) and creates this amazing, soft, beautiful wrapping light….. 

So in order to get that all encompassing light feeling, we had to ask ourselves, how do we create that in the studio??  Turns out it takes a crap load of lights…. or 5... cause that’s what I ended up using, and a whooooooole lotta reflection. 

This was a cool setup because we used the studio "backwards", meaning, instead of having your subject stand in front of the big white backdrop wall, we instead put him at the other side of the room from the big white wall, with the camera's 'back' to the wall instead.  Fortunately our studio is painted flat white which makes it easier because this whole thing involves using the walls to create massive soft white light sources. (See super-detailed and very scientific diagram below)

The main thing to watch out for with this set-up is lens flare, as there is a lot of light going everywhere and it makes it really hard to minimize flare (which will washout and reduce contrast in your image)…. I have found that my 100mm f2.8 macro handles flare way better than any other portrait length lens I have, so it wasn't too much of a problem this time.

So, for you lighting nerds out there (oh how we love you guys...we are kindred spirits), here's a little breakdown of what we did...

A : 1 bare bulb light aimed directly up at the ceiling to create the light coming down from above (this was our key light).

B: 2 barebulb lights aimed back behind me to bounce off the back wall and angled ceiling to make our fill (about 1/2 stop under key)

C: 1 diffused uplight to mimic the light bouncing off the snow/ ground (1 stop under key)

D: 1 light behind subject to make our white background completely white and even glow a bit (about a stop brighter than group B lights)


After that's set up, you dress up a dude in ski gear and BAM you're shooting beautiful outside snowy light portraits in the comfort of you slippers! 

HUGE thanks to Claude for being so great to work with too...turns out he's crazy talented AND an awesome guy...




Engagement Shoot-Yukon Style: GBP Creative Photography and Video

Well...even though it's only March, wedding season is just around the corner, which means we are also doing some engagement sessions in preparation for our couples' big days!

Most of the time when we work with a couple and are looking to plan an engagement shoot, we talk about certain landmarks that might be memorable for them-where they first met, their first date, etc.

Well we were pretty stoked with this particular couple said that they wanted to go "old school" Yukon, pull out some snowshoes and head up to a cabin they frequent with friends.  They even borrowed various pieces of their parents attire, a Hudson's Bay Blanket and of course, what Yukon themed engagement session wouldn't include a rifle and some dogs?...

We had an absolute blast working with these guys-they had an amazing sense of humour and we have no doubt their wedding is going to be crazy fun this summer...


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Family Portraits and Star Wars-GBP Creative Photography and Video

So, what do you get when you mix a family with two adorable kids and a love affair with Star Wars? Some epic family photos, that's what.

We love it when people come to the studio and ask for something unique and creative...and so when we saw Star Wars masks and light sabres being brought in, we were stoked!

Plus, editing photos just feels way more badass when light sabers are involved.  It's a fact...

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Yukon Music: Boyd Benjamin

2012 has been quite the year for us in terms of working with musicians, which has been something we've always loved to do.

We've worked with artists covering the genres of Hip-hop, rock, indie,  Fiddle music, and even collaborated with Yukon's newest record label, Headless Owl Records, over the past 12 months and we're already planning more music projects well into 2013!

So on that note, we thought it was time to feature some shots we did with the amazingly humble and talented Boyd Benjamin...

Boyd was fantastic to work with, as we're finding most of the Yukon musicians we work with are, and we were stoked to be able to help him really blend both traditional and modern looks into his shoot...

Looking forward to working with you more over the years Boyd!



Sarah Macdougall Music Photography

So, as you may have noticed with the release of our first music video for Headless Owl Records this week, we just so happen to be in quite the music mood lately....So, with that in mind, we figured it's about time we share some of the shots we did with the lovely and crazy talented Sarah Macdougall for her current tour!

Sarah is yet another incredible Yukon musician that's out touring the world and just so happens to have just won the "Roots Solo Recording of the Year" award at the 2012 WCMA's!  We were so stoked to get a chance to work with her, and often have her album playing on repeat as we edit here in our studio...

So hope you all enjoy, and if you are looking for some new music, head to her site at for more info!



It's all about the family...

It's blog time again and this week we've got fall family photos taken just before the snow came this year...twas a short but beautiful time...

As with all of our family shoots, our favourite images always end up being the ones where we capture everyone just interacting together, sharing some laughs.  It's family just being a family, not standing around awkwardly in their 'Sunday best.'...And it doesn't hurt when you have two ADORABLE kids-nice work Tyler and Becky! 

Now, the fun part about this week's post is seeing who's the first to find the hidden baseball in one of the shots...



We heart local music...

So seeing as how we spent the day shooting our first ever music video,  we're in a bit of a music mood tonight...

This got us thinking about the other shoots we've been doing lately with a bunch of rad local artists and we thought it would be the perfect time to share one of them!  

We had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Kelvin Smoler and Lauren Tuck who make up The Lore, in preparation for their upcoming album release.  The album drops this December, so be sure to keep your ears open for details.  We were so excited to work with these two as they have an incredible energy, are open to trying out new concepts/ideas and are just plain old awesome to work with.

Stoked to hear the new album guys, and looking forward to more shoots in the future!



And then there were 2...

Well we figured it would be a good time to share these recent family photos we did because we officially have a congratulations that's in order!

The Martin family just had their adorable new baby boy 2 weeks early this week!  Luckily Mom and Dad were ready at a moments notice so all was in order!

We've heard that there is one proud big brother on the loose now, and we're stoked to be able to do a newborn session with the family in the coming days too!

So congratulations to the Martin's-can't wait to meet little Jayden in person soon!



Mmmm brains...

As you know, this past weekend was Halloween Party central...and people were out in full force...

This year, we teamed up with the Yukon Roller Girls for a fundraiser they were doing in order to raise funds for local women's organizations including Kaushee's Place and Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre.

But this time it wasn't your average photo booth we was a Zombie booth, as the theme of the night was Zombie prom...and let's just say things got messy...

With the help of a fog machine and backlighting, we were able to create a creepy green haze in order to really make our Zombie friends feel at their best...and as you'll see by the shots, they fit right in.

From Zipper faces to "Zombonis" to the Golden Girls, there were a ton of awesome costumes out there...thanks to everyone for staggering over and taking a minute away from eating brains to be able to help out a great cause...

Happy Halloween everybody!