We therefore, also love it when we get to work with musicians.

Not only are they talented, but they also just so happen to often come to shoots with a ton of creative ideas on what exactly they're looking for...this helps us work with them in order to plan a concept for a shoot that can really showcase the persona that they bring to the stage when they perform.

Whether it's head shots, album work, or promo packages, we work with artists to really make sure we understand the emotion/style that they want to portray through their images.  Taking an audio based form of art and attempting to convert that into a strictly visual form can be challenging...which is exactly why we like it!  Photography is actually a huge part of how a band markets themselves.  We love it when we get to be a part of developing a 'brand' for them that they can cary forward throughout the various aspects of marketing and promotion that they will need.

We also like working with musicians because they tend to be open to us taking them to strange locations for shoots (such as this land-o-old things), AND we get to listen to their albums early...not a bad deal!

So here's a few sample shots from a recent shoot we did with local artist Declan O'Donovan.

And on that note, keep your ears open for his first full-length album being released this August!  We got a little sneak peak and it's gonna be sweet!