Ok guys...it's time for...GBP's ADVENTURE PANTS EXTRAVAGANZA!

"What the heck does that mean?" Well...we're so happy you asked...

GBP's APE (haha Ape...)  is a new contest we've schemed up from inspiration from a bunch  of our rad clients over the past year...

We love that Yukoners love adventure...because WE are Yukoners who love adventure.  SO when we get to combine photography with sweet activities?  Well, let's just say that makes for an especially rad day. And we're assuming that if we can combine your favorite activity with a free family portrait session? ($300 value) You'll ALSO have an especially rad day...


OK in order to enter the contest, here's what you gotta do:

1. Decide what your family's favourite awesome activity is.  It doesn't have to be crazy or complicated...whether it's jumping down claycliffs, or back country skiing, if you guys make an adventure out of it, it counts!

2. Must require adventure pants.  (ie. not just any family does this...it's your special thing) 

3. Tell us a story! We want to hear about why your family loves this activity through an example: Did something hilarious happen once? Something scary? Something heroic? What makes it stand out in your mind? (Photos are not required, but definitely encouraged)

NOTE: Fur children also count as family in our minds...so whether it's two of you or five of you, we don't discriminate! :)


That's right...this is a serious competition here guys, so our deadline is going to be Nov. 2nd-2 weeks from tonight!
This doesn't have to be crazy...just send us a paragraph outlining your story based on the criteria above and you're good to go!

Only restrictions/things to be careful of:
If it's an activity that requires entry fees/gear rentals, etc. costs must be covered by the client.

How will we choose?

We are going to sit down with Bill Murray (Our fur child) and read through your submissions...the one that makes us laugh/cry/or say "wholy crap look at the size of these people's adventure pants!" wins...

We'll then book you a shoot for November, and have your photos ready for you to send out for the Christmas season!  Again, that's a $300 value right before Christmas! (slow clap for that idea...)

OK...let's get this going! Get your stories gathered and send them our way! We've got our adventure pants on...do you??

Gary and Bri