Well, tis the season...weddings 2013 have begun!

In the past we've done a lot of wedding work, however, we actually aren't doing as many of them this year as we are starting to get too busy with other commercial and corporate jobs.

This being said,  we did get to start our summer season with a great one that took us all the way to sunny Mexico, which considering it was snowing here the day before we left, wasn't something we were mad about!

We firmly believe that weddings can be one of the hardest gigs for a photographer...they are long days, high stress and require you to be 'on' 100% both artistically and technically that entire time.  But oddly enough, people don't seem to have much sympathy for all that when the beach, cold beer, and ocean waves are involved...

This recent wedding was a great one to start the season with though.  Everyone there was ready to have an incredible time, and we've gotta say the bride and groom were two of our most relaxed ones yet! Apparently sun and cold drinks will do that to ya...Thanks Robyn and Darrell for starting off our summer season right!


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