Baby madness!!

Anyone else notice there's a lot of new families starting here in the Yukon? Because we sure have...

We've been getting a ton of requests for maternity portrait sessions lately, which are always fun to shoot-especially when it's for the couple's first child...

We don't have any kids, unless you count our 'fur child' Bill Murray (he's a newfoundlander with an attitude), but we feel like we have learned a ton about what to expect if we ever do from our clients...they are always happy to share their nervous laughter when they are navigating through what to expect with their first child, and then the tales of both the highs and lows of the parenting process once they've met the new family member.

It's one of the best parts of these jobs, getting to know how each family works together...

These particular soon-to-be parents were top notch.  Great sense of humours, super easy to work with, and just so happened to have epic natural light in their home (Huge win for GBP!)

We'll be getting to meet their newest addition in just a few weeks too!