The best part about shooting destination weddings for clients is the relationship you get to build with them throughout the week.

Normally with a wedding client, we have the consultation where we get to meet each other and get a feel for what they'd like out of their wedding photos, what their personalities are like, and learn a bit about how they met each other, etc.

Then comes the engagement session which is key to getting to know how they interact and also to get them used to having a big camera lens pointed at them. (Something a lot of people are uncomfortable with at first, because let's face it-it's not an everyday thing!)

Then comes the wedding day, and both of those meetings along with emails/phone calls in between allows us to get that base relationship built so that come their wedding day-we're not strangers walking in, but people they are comfortable with and are able to relax around.

Now with a destination wedding, you can take all of those experiences and add in the fact that we are at the same resort with the people for the entire week. So not only do we get to know them better, but we also get to know their family and friends...a connection which makes the wedding day photography that much more comfortable and relaxed.

Korry and Chad were no exception. We went to their destination resort having only met Korry once in person, and meeting Chad for the first time the day we arrived. But by the end of our time there, we had become friends, and it was actually sad to say goodbye!  (It helped that they are an amazingly fun couple...for instance, Chad actually had a new drink named and created that you could order at any of the bars by the time his stay was over)

You can't really go wrong with a  genuinely wonderful couple surrounded by a great group of family...So here's to Korry and Chad-we wish you guys all the best! (If we had a funkinator to cheers you with right now, we would!)