Over the past year, GBP has started to expand into the commercial market which has opened up our experiences to a whole other world of photography...

Initially, most of our work was focussed around families, weddings, portraiture, etc. and although we love that aspect of our job, it's also really important for us to constantly be pushing ourselves to explore new genres and techniques.

So needless to say, we were pretty stoked when we got a call regarding one of our projects late in the fall, which was something we had never really focussed on before-Hair photography.

We were approached by a local salon, Spa Zen,  who wanted to get some portraits done which would feature some of the hair colours and styles their stylists create.  Basically, they were looking for a 'product shot' which would feature local models, but have more of a focus on the hairstyles (ie. the 'product') than the people them selves. This was an exciting project as it required a new view on portraiture-a need to focus on a particular aspect of the 'look' without loosing the energy of the models themselves.  It also required the magic of hair lighting-a tricky little lighting technique which we learned could be a difficult task when working with dark hair and dark backgrounds...

But in the end, once the lighting was nailed down, we were able to get some great dramatic shots which featured the styles and colours of the hair without losing the personality of the models themselves. (Which we must say, were a great crew to work with!)

We actually enjoyed it so much we've been scheming with Spa Zen on some future projects...so stay tuned for more later this summer!