Ahhhh the elusive sleeping baby! We've been lucky enough to catch another visit at the studio here recently and are stoked to share the results with you!

The best thing about newborn shoots is the fact that they're so unpredictable.  As any new parents are aware, the little ones quickly take over and squash any sense of order or routine that you may have had in your life pre-baby.  With newborns, the world quickly starts to revolve around 4 things: Feeding, sleeping, pooping and diaper changes...And it certainly keeps photographers like us on our toes...

Early on we quickly got used to 'newborn scheduling' when it comes to our clients. Meaning, we book them, and then bank on them being anywhere from 5min-35 min late...(babies aren't exactly worried about running a few minutes behind...).  We also are used to taking 'snack' breaks, napping, not napping, crying, diaper changes, and even full mom or dad outfit changes when 'accidents' happen. (Yes we've had babies  pee right down the front of dad's pants in the middle of a shoot before...hilarious action shots to show them when they're teens)

But every once in a while you also come across a newborn that's calm, sleepy, and happy to just nestle right into the blankets for a snooze while we shoot.  And this is where the elusive sleeping baby shots are born...And it's also how, no matter how hectic life with new baby may get...we're pretty certain that looking at the little one all cozy, dreaming away about milk and fresh diapers...well, that can't ever get old.

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