If there's one thing we love here at GBP almost as much as photography, it's music-and one of our recent shoots reminded us how lucky we are to have such crazy talented artists perform here in the Yukon every year (and how much more awesome it is when they're playing in your studio)...

As many of you may know, last week was Frostbite weekend- an annual music festival held in the depths of winter here in Whitehorse that features not only our amazing local talent, but also brings up incredible bands from outside.

One of our absolute favourite bands, Old Time Machine, was one of the featured artists this year and we were stoked to be able to do a shoot with them amongst their insane schedule.  

Now, band shots are a common discussion amongst us here at GBP...It seems they can be a bit of a 'pet peeve' for one of us (not going to name names), but let's just say you will never see us do a band shot that includes getting a bunch of guys, dressed in dark clothes, standing in a "V" with arms crossed, brooding angrily towards the camera... (Even though i'm part-owner, i'm 99.9% certain if I try to suggest that to Gary, i'll be fired...)

Now, Old Time Machine combines blues/folk with vintage electronics, so avoiding the "angry V" was exactly what all parties wanted...They were looking for some shots that were simple, clean, and incorporated a lot of negative space so they could be used in a variety of media, but still portrayed the style of the band.

What we ended up with were composites, all shot in our studio, focusing on minimal equipment (even though we're pretty sure they can each play about 50 instruments each), and some classic Edison lightbulbs to tie everything together.

And if you haven't heard them yet, make sure you check Old Time Machine out at http://oldtimemachinemusic.tumblr.com/