So it turns out 2014 is kinda a big deal...We are just days away from the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous festival, and it just so happens to be it's 50th year!

This, my friends is big news....See, I (Bri) was born and raised here in Whitehorse, so I have awesome memories of Rendezvous growing up.  From the kids fair, to the sugar shack (Frozen syrup on a stick??...YES PLEASE!), to the Snow shoe shufflers and Can Can girls...Rendezvous always meant cold weather, getting to dress up in frilly dresses with giant feathered hats (my Grandma and Mom were machines when it came to costume making) and being amazed by all of the colours and sounds of the city as it lit up for this quirky event....

Needless to say, Rendezvous will always hold a special place in my Yukoner heart, and so when the oh-so-lovely Can Can girls asked us to do their head shots this year, we were stoked! 

Let's face it...working with 17 beautiful ladies, and one wife (I just so happen to be on the line this year), wasn't exactly a terrible job for Gary! 

HUGE thanks to all of you beautiful Can Can ladies who put so much time, effort, and high kicking into this year's were unreal to work with!  

And all you Yukoners, and visitors out there...make sure you catch these ladies at their kickoff event this Friday, Feb. 7th at the Westmark Ballroom at 7pm-it's gonna be one hell of a show!!