Considering it’s New Year’s day and all, we thought today would be the perfect time to not only reflect on some of our favourite work from last year, but also to go and brush our shoulders off, and start off 2014 fresh with our new look!

Why the need for a new look and new(ish) name? Well because over the past few years, and especially over 2013, we’ve been expanding our business and growing into more than ‘just’ a photography company.  We have started to shoot primarily commercial, editorial and creative work, we do a lot of art direction and marketing planning with clients, and last year was the year we also really got into the videography market…so we figured since our skill set, and our company goals and ambitions are growing and evolving, we should probably make sure our look matches that movement…

But don’t fret, we are still the same trifecta of business runnin’, assignment crushin’ energy as before (and yes i’m talking about Gary, me (Bri) and our Newfounlander Bill Murray, and yes I also pictured myself saying that in a weird accent).

We’ve got a lot of exciting new adventures ahead of us in 2014, but we also know the importance of reflecting back to what got us here…so here’s a few of our favourite assignments from 2013…

You can also check out our new site: and take a look around!