We have been doing more of this style of group photos lately, so I thought maybe I should tell you guys a bit about it.

Above is an example of a staff/corporate group photo... but done in a different way. Instead of lining everyone up in front of the office plant collection, we shoot everyone separately, or in groups of 2 or 3. We then later cut them out and piece them back together in a any sort of position. This has a few key advantages:

  1. Not all of your staff has to be shot at the same, time allowing your business to keep running.
  2. We can make sure that each person looks their best.... rather than having 7 people looking great and that one guy in mid blink... which is normal of larger group photos.
  3. If you have staff turn-over.... no need to reshoot the whole thing.. we can just take that person out and add the new person in.
  4. Eliminates distracting elements from your group photo, and focuses the viewer on your staff.
Plus we can shoot this just about anywhere there is enough room to set up our equipment! So if you're saying to yourself "Dang Gary that is a sweet idea... how do I get a shot like that for my office?" just shoot us an email.