For the past few years we've been involved with a local event called Mardi Bra-a breast cancer fundraising event which raises money for 'Karen's Fund'.  This is a funding pot which is available to Yukon women undergoing breast cancer treatment.  The great thing about this fund is that it's no questions's there to help women and their families who are having to deal with, upon everything else, the financial pressures of having to leave the Territory for treatment. So whether its' childcare, travel costs, or even pet care, women have access to Karen's Fund to help them during this time.

SO needless to say, we're always more than happy to donate our services to the event. We've done a photo-booth at it for the past few years (photos of which will be available in a future post as it's always a fantastic wouldn't BELIEVE the amazing costumes people rocked this year), however, this year we also did some product shots for one of the new pieces of the event: The 'Art Bras'.

This year, the committee teamed up with 7 local artists who donated their time and talent to creating "Art Bras" which were then modelled in a mini-fashion show during the event by lovely local ladies!

The diversity in the pieces were amazing as you'll see by the shots...everything from feathers, to paint, to body casts...all unique and incredibly crafted!

They were modelled at the event and then put on display for the silent auction-all of which were snapped up by some lucky bidders by the end of the night! (I totally got out-bid on a few of them...don't worry this is Brianne writing this not Gary)

So check em' out! HUGE thank you to the artists and the models who donated their time to this event...we're already looking forward to next year!

Artist: Rosemary Scanlon  

Artist: Jessica Vellenga

 Artist: Janelle Hardy

Artist: Amber Church

Artist: Amber Walker

Artist: Claire Strauss

Artist: Shauna Jones