A question we've been asked many times...if you've been engaged a while, or you're not using photos on your invitations...what's the point of an engagement session? Well, it's actually more important than you probably think...

The engagement session gives us, as your photographers, a chance to work with you before the 'big day'...the majority of people aren't exactly used to having a big lens pointed at them all day, and quite frankly the thought of it can be quite intimidating...(Just try to get Gary in FRONT of a camera instead of behind it and he will squirm...there's a reason he's the photographer and not the subject...)  

So the reason these sessions are so important, is it gives you a chance to get used to us pointing cameras at you, and on the other hand, also allows us to get to know how you interact together, when you're most comfortable, what makes you laugh...basically, it allows us to get to know each other well in advance of your wedding day, so come the time, you won't be worrying about whether or not you're making a funny face or even notice that we're there at all...you'll just be able to enjoy the moments, and we'll know how to make sure to work with you to ensure we capture them.

And then there's always of course the added bonus of having some sweet shots of you two just hanging out, being you.  

Speaking of hanging out, we had a great time working with Matt and Stefanie for an engagement session a month or two ago...they were getting married out of town and so wanted some shots from around Whitehorse that they could use for their big day...It was great working with such a fun loving couple...did we mention we're more than happy to travel for weddings as well?   ;)