Born and raised here in the Yukon, I (Bri) spent almost every summer out at my grandparents Ranch down the Takhini Hotsprings I was pretty stoked when one of our clients asked if we'd be able to do a family shoot with them out at their farm which just so happens to be on that exact same route.

It brought back tons of memories of how amazing it was to be able to grow up in a place where kids are able to have the best time with nothing more than a bail of hay or a mud puddle...and this family's little guy was no exception.  The last time we photographed him he was only a few weeks old, and now he's up helping mom and dad run the farm...And having his auntie and uncle wrapped around his finger; they came out to get some shots done too.

One of the best parts about being photographers is getting to work with tons of different people and be part of the process of helping them capture memories and see their families grow up around them. It's so much fun to see how much these little ones change from year to year.  Looking forward to the next shoot already, as we're sure he'll be running around on his own by then...I wonder if we'll be there for his first driving lesson with dad??...