Photo Shoot Info

What to Bring:

  • Clothing should be of minimal patterns (solid colours work best).
  • Bring a couple options of pants and tops (incase something isn't working).
  • If this is work/ business related shoot, please bring work appropriate clothing (something you would wear to work).
  • For a muilti-person shoot bring clothes that work together (they don't have to match... just not clash).
  • If in the studio your socks might be in the shot..... so no holes please!.
  • If you have kids some toys or props are never a bad idea.
  • For newborn sessions if you want to bring any speacial blankets or outfit or toy, please do!


  • We request payment at the time of the shoot.
  • Credit card, cheque, cash, or email money transfer are all cool.
  • Sorry no debit.
  • We do charge 5% GST on top of all prices FYI.


  • If we are shooting in our studio you can find us here.
  • If we are shooting somewhere else we will send you instructions.

General Info

  • Our studio does have stairs, so if you have mobility issues, please let us know.
  • If you have pet allergies please let us know ASAP!