GBP Creative is a two person team, consisting Gary and Brianne Bremner, along with chief of security Bill Murray the Newfoundlander, and our daughter Mabel, chief of nap breaks. 

We specialize in corporate, commercial, industrial and portrait photography that takes the everyday, and turns it into something meaningful.

We work with organizations and industries to create marketing materials that help showcase what makes them unique and sets them apart from the crowd. Whether that's industrial companies, hospitals, not-for-profits, or Governments, our images help showcase 'every day heroes' and the jobs they do.

We figured it would be good to let you guys get to know us seeing as how you've taken the time to check our our Bio, here we go:

Brianne Bremner

Loves: Coffee, Mabel's gremlin giggles, tree climbing, running longer than her body wants her to, wine, climbing mountains, Bill Murray, and pod casts while taking road trips.

Dislikes: Mornings.

Bill Murray

Loves: Nappin', eatin', walkin', sleepin', stealing homemade Nann Bread off counter tops...

Dislikes: Ear drops.

Gary Bremner

Loves: Beer, coffee, rock climbing, 80's music, teaching Mabel to like heights, Apple products, training videos, ropes and knots, striped socks, and a tasty Old Fashioned.

Dislikes: Trying to get his iPhone out of his pocket when he's sitting down...

Mabel Bremner

Loves: Eating, thinking she can stand on her own when she can't, playing with Bill Murray's fur, anything while in a backpack.

Dislikes: Being told when to nap.


If you need a vector copy of our logo here it is:

GBP Logo

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