HeadShots $500.00 plus GST

(corporate and personal)


GBP Head Shots are normally done in our studio and have a very specific lighting setup which gives them their unique look.  We will work with you on posing and expression to ensure we get the right balance of friendliness, confidence and approachability so you can make the best first impression. Or if you wanna just look super badass, we can do that too... 


  • 2 retouched images in colour (Black and White can be added for an additional $50 edit fee)

  • All final images will come in social media size as well as high resolution file printable to whatever size you'd like!

  • Lifetime Unlimited Usage License - We still own the copyright of the images, but you can use these images for business or personal, heck you could even make a bill-board out of one if you want. The only limitation is that you can't re-sell or transfer the images to a third party (like some other company).

  • **Please note: As creators/owners of copyright, GBP does have the rights to use all images for marketing/portfolio uses. If you aren't cool with that, there is just a licensing fee of an extra 25% added to your bill.

What to Bring:

  • If you're wanting a corporate headshot for work, you should come dressed in clean, ironed clothing that you would wear to work. So, if you wear a suit at work, come with suits. If you wear jeans at work, come with some more casual options. If you are wanting a personal head shot come with stylish options that you might wear too impress!

  • Clothing should be of minimal patterns (solid colours work best).

  • Bring a couple options of pants and tops (incase something isn't working).

  • Hair and make-up are not included so you need to come all ready for camera. *Note: we do have makeup and hair contacts if required, so please just ask in advance.

  • We find head shot sessions work best if you don't bring anyone else to the shoot with you. As much as your partner, co-worker, or friend may want to be supportive, it's just human nature that most of us become more nervous/distracted with others watching us during a photo shoot. So in order for us to get the best shots possible of you, it's often best if we're just working with you in the room without an audience.


  • We request payment at the time of the shoot.

  • Credit card, cheque, cash, or email money transfer are all cool.

  • Sorry no debit.

  • We do charge 5% GST on top of all prices.


  • If we are shooting in our studio you can find us here.

  • If we are shooting somewhere else we will send you instructions.

General Info

  • Our studio does have stairs, so if you have mobility issues, please let us know in advance of the shoot so we can make adjustments.

  • If you have pet allergies please let us know ASAP as we have a Newfoundlander Dog... and well... he's big.