Family Portrait sessions $500.00 plus GST

**For up to 4 people. Additional family members are $50/person 

Our style of family photography is more about capturing moments and experiences rather than a staged "perfect family" feel. If your children are laughing until they have tears, or are just having tears because they're grumpy that day, either way we think that's perfect, because that's what real families are all about!

We capture moments...the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

Do you like outdoor adventures with kids jumping in the sand, or splashing in puddles?

Want to give your one year old a giant cake or bucket of pudding to play in?

Is picking berries and getting in a leaf fight your idea of a good family time?

If you're up for that, we're the photographers for you! 

Our family shoots generally take about an hour and  include 12-15 different images in both colour and black and white (24-30 images total).

*Please note that final images are selected and processed by GBP to ensure you receive the best quality shots.

You will receive high resolution digital files printable to 8"x10" so you can print as many pictures as you'd like. Sizes larger than 8X10 are available through our in-house printing service up-to 17"x22" in order to ensure they are the best quality possible. Along with printable files, you'll also receive your images in social media sized files with our watermark on them so you can easily post any images you'd like to Facebook etc. 

What to Bring

  • Clothing should be of minimal patterns (Too much pattern just gets distracting in the photos).

  • For a muilti-person shoot bring clothes that work together (they don't have to match... just not clash)
  • In the studio your socks might be in the shot, so if you're like me and have holes in some of them, maybe don't bring that pair! :)
  • If you have kids some toys or props are never a bad idea.


  • We request payment at the time of the shoot.
  • Credit card, cheque, cash, or email money transfer are all accepted.
  • Sorry no debit.
  • We do charge 5% GST on top of all prices.


  • If we are shooting in our studio you can find us here.
  • If we are shooting somewhere else we will send you instructions.

General Info

  • Our studio does have stairs, so if you have mobility issues, please let us know in advance of the shoot so we can make adjustments.
  • If you have pet allergies please let us know ASAP as we have a Newfoundlander...and well...he's big.