Client Gallery Info

We deliver all of our images via our online client gallery. Your images will be online for 1 year, so please download and store your images on your own computer so you can access them for as long as you'd like. The proofing gallery is an excellent way to share your images with friends and family as well as to access your images from any computer.

Depending on your specific project, you may see a folder called "Facebook or Social Media size, or Web Ready."  This folder has web optimized images sized for most social media sites. This folder is perfect for sharing your images on Facebook. Please note that we may have included a small watermark on the images for 2 reasons:

  1. To help deter anyone from using the image without permission.
  2. To help spread the GBP word!

You don't have to use these images, but they are there for your convenience.

How to Access Your Files

  • Click Here or the link in your email
  • Enter your Access Code and your Password (provided in email)

How To Download Your Files

  • Click on the thumbnail of the folder you would like to download from
  • When inside the folder, click top right button Select Photos
  • Click Download
  • Click Download Entire Gallery to download a folder with all of your images

How to Purchase Prints or Digital Products Directly From The Site 

  • When inside the folder you wish to purchase from (usually only the "printable" folder), click Buy in the top right corner
  • Click Select Photos to Purchase
  • Once you have selected the photos you would like to purchase products of, click Buy Selected
  • Click the product you wish to buy (you can adjust quantity later)
  • Click Add To Cart
  • When you are finished click the shopping cart icon on the top right then click View Cart
  • If everything looks good click Checkout Now
  • Then just add your info and you're on your way!
  • If you are purchasing a digital file you will be provided with download info after checkout.