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Winter is coming.... GBP Creative Photography and Video

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Winter is coming.... GBP Creative Photography and Video

Well, it's mid-November, so whether you're ready for it or not, winter is upon us....

We thought instead of fighting it we'd take a minute to reminisce about all the awesome that comes along with winter...and what better way to do it, than look back at one of our favourite assignments from last February.

We had a client from oversees, come to the Yukon wanting to experience some truly "northern" experiences...So, what better way than to take a Helicopter ride through the mountains, followed by ice climbing at the oh-so-awesome Equinox, dog sledding at Muktuk, and some Rendezvous festivities...

These are a few of our favourite shots, and we're hoping that they'll help you stop fighting the winter, and get pumped for all the fun stuff that can come out of it...


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Headshot station...GBP Creative Photography and Video

Lookin' good, and feelin' great...That's what a head shot should make people think of...and we think our latest client fits that description perfectly.

Headshots are a great way to show off your personality and professionalism-and with all of the use of web content and social media these days, having a good quality photo (or even video as we're starting to do for some clients), can go a long way...

If you're interested in the benefits of head shots and getting some new images for your business give us a shout!




Conrad Portrait Session-GBP Creative Photography and Video

Alright, as promised, we have session two of our portraits with Megan Jensen to share with you today, and we are super stoked to see what you guys think!

So this portrait session was particularly special to Megan and her family, and we were SO honoured to have been able to do this for her....we won't bore you with the story of how it took us THREE attempts of driving out to Carcross to make it happen! (hints: road construction, then crazy rain storm, then third time was a charm!)

But the reason it was so important for us to get out to an area known as Conrad, just past Carcross is because it has such significance to Megan and her family.  On the way out there, Megan told us the entire story of how she was actually the first in her family in over 90 years to take part in a traditional coming of age ceremony where she stayed out at Conrad alone in her own camp for five days, receiving visits from various women in her family and community.  It was absolutely fascinating learning about all of the teachings she received while she was out there, and to see her go through the emotions of returning to that spot and sharing her stories with us.

We learned more in that one afternoon with Megan than we have from reading many-a-books! She has an incredible gift of sharing her family's traditions and knowledge, and so when we got to Conrad to do the shoot and we had Megan do her traditional drumming on the shore, it was an incredibly powerful experience.

Speaking of her drumming, I woke up the next morning singing her songs...they were stuck in my head for days! I unfortunately didn't sound nearly as good as she did...

So we wanted to share these images and send along another huge congratulations to Megan and her family for her recent graduation and thank you guys for having us be a part of such an incredibly special time in your lives.

It was truly an honour.





The best part about shooting destination weddings for clients is the relationship you get to build with them throughout the week.

Normally with a wedding client, we have the consultation where we get to meet each other and get a feel for what they'd like out of their wedding photos, what their personalities are like, and learn a bit about how they met each other, etc.

Then comes the engagement session which is key to getting to know how they interact and also to get them used to having a big camera lens pointed at them. (Something a lot of people are uncomfortable with at first, because let's face it-it's not an everyday thing!)

Then comes the wedding day, and both of those meetings along with emails/phone calls in between allows us to get that base relationship built so that come their wedding day-we're not strangers walking in, but people they are comfortable with and are able to relax around.

Now with a destination wedding, you can take all of those experiences and add in the fact that we are at the same resort with the people for the entire week. So not only do we get to know them better, but we also get to know their family and friends...a connection which makes the wedding day photography that much more comfortable and relaxed.

Korry and Chad were no exception. We went to their destination resort having only met Korry once in person, and meeting Chad for the first time the day we arrived. But by the end of our time there, we had become friends, and it was actually sad to say goodbye!  (It helped that they are an amazingly fun couple...for instance, Chad actually had a new drink named and created that you could order at any of the bars by the time his stay was over)

You can't really go wrong with a  genuinely wonderful couple surrounded by a great group of family...So here's to Korry and Chad-we wish you guys all the best! (If we had a funkinator to cheers you with right now, we would!)


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Napping Newborns

Ahhhh the elusive sleeping baby! We've been lucky enough to catch another visit at the studio here recently and are stoked to share the results with you!

The best thing about newborn shoots is the fact that they're so unpredictable.  As any new parents are aware, the little ones quickly take over and squash any sense of order or routine that you may have had in your life pre-baby.  With newborns, the world quickly starts to revolve around 4 things: Feeding, sleeping, pooping and diaper changes...And it certainly keeps photographers like us on our toes...

Early on we quickly got used to 'newborn scheduling' when it comes to our clients. Meaning, we book them, and then bank on them being anywhere from 5min-35 min late...(babies aren't exactly worried about running a few minutes behind...).  We also are used to taking 'snack' breaks, napping, not napping, crying, diaper changes, and even full mom or dad outfit changes when 'accidents' happen. (Yes we've had babies  pee right down the front of dad's pants in the middle of a shoot before...hilarious action shots to show them when they're teens)

But every once in a while you also come across a newborn that's calm, sleepy, and happy to just nestle right into the blankets for a snooze while we shoot.  And this is where the elusive sleeping baby shots are born...And it's also how, no matter how hectic life with new baby may get...we're pretty certain that looking at the little one all cozy, dreaming away about milk and fresh diapers...well, that can't ever get old.

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How can a Time Machine be old??...

If there's one thing we love here at GBP almost as much as photography, it's music-and one of our recent shoots reminded us how lucky we are to have such crazy talented artists perform here in the Yukon every year (and how much more awesome it is when they're playing in your studio)...

As many of you may know, last week was Frostbite weekend- an annual music festival held in the depths of winter here in Whitehorse that features not only our amazing local talent, but also brings up incredible bands from outside.

One of our absolute favourite bands, Old Time Machine, was one of the featured artists this year and we were stoked to be able to do a shoot with them amongst their insane schedule.  

Now, band shots are a common discussion amongst us here at GBP...It seems they can be a bit of a 'pet peeve' for one of us (not going to name names), but let's just say you will never see us do a band shot that includes getting a bunch of guys, dressed in dark clothes, standing in a "V" with arms crossed, brooding angrily towards the camera... (Even though i'm part-owner, i'm 99.9% certain if I try to suggest that to Gary, i'll be fired...)

Now, Old Time Machine combines blues/folk with vintage electronics, so avoiding the "angry V" was exactly what all parties wanted...They were looking for some shots that were simple, clean, and incorporated a lot of negative space so they could be used in a variety of media, but still portrayed the style of the band.

What we ended up with were composites, all shot in our studio, focusing on minimal equipment (even though we're pretty sure they can each play about 50 instruments each), and some classic Edison lightbulbs to tie everything together.

And if you haven't heard them yet, make sure you check Old Time Machine out at



Brianne-1, Gary-0

Gary and I recently traveled to PEI over our christmas holidays...Why the h*** would we travel at that time of year you ask!?  Well it was a very important of my best friends was getting married and there was no way we were going to miss it...

Over the years we've obviously had a few friend weddings to attend and/or shoot.  It comes with the age we are at and the business we've chosen, but it reminds me every time how important the connection between photographer and couple really is.

We always try to build a relationship with our clients before we shoot their weddings. Whether it's through an engagement shoot, over coffees or even through the wonderful technology of Skype, we always try to meet and get to know each other before working with them on the big day.  It makes a world of difference to actually know a bit about each other.  We hear the stories of how they met, talk about the nerves of getting everything ready in time, and even vent about the worries of "crazy Uncle Joe" putting on a scene in the middle of the reception.  (Don't fret...every family has something)

This way come wedding day, we're not strangers walking in and getting all up in your business...we're a trusted team who is there not only to shoot, but also to remind you to take some breaths, relax, and soak in the day. (we've been to a few of these things over the years after all and in the end, Uncle Joe will just become and amazing story for the kids one day)

There was no need to build a relationship with this couple though, as I went to university with the bride when she had first met her future-groom.  Considering the group of us girls called him "the best boyfriend we never had", it was only fitting that we were all there with them on their big day. It was a day full of laughs, happy tears and many exaggerated stories just like any good wedding should be...and being in it, I had the added bonus of sitting and sipping champagne while Gary had to run around working.  Brianne-1, Gary-0.

I'm gonna pay for that one....

Now onto the photos...


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How I Shot the Rendezvous Magazine Cover

I have had a few people asking me for some more details on the how I shot the rendezvous cover, so I thought I would do a post on it.

Ok so I knew what I wanted: 1 image of 4 girls and an antique car all looking amazing with a 1940’s feel too it. So the fist step was to draw-up some sort of mock-up to have it approved by the Rendezvous people (Turns out Brianne has mad stick-people drawing skills too).


Once the idea was approved we had to figure out how to make it happen.... with a tight budget and a tight shooting timeline. So the options were to shoot it all at once, or to shoot it in pieces and put it together later as a composite. The problem with shooting it all at once is that that it would take allot of money, people, gear and time... funny... all things which we don't have! So composite it was! The key to a composite of this nature is to make sure you have everything consistent allowing for an easier time in photoshop piecing all back together. So that starts with your camera on a tripod which never gets moved, and a manual exposure and a fixed focal length lens... then the only thing that changes is lighting, focus and models! First I had 4 photo doubles stand in for the ladies so we could figure out our composition.... which I knew was vertical orientation with negative space on top and bottom of the frame to allow for text. Once we figured out that part, I locked down the tripod.... duct-taped the crap out of it to the floor and hooked up a pocket wizard with a motor drive cable (to remotely fire it and the lighting). 

You can see the high teck duct-tape !

Then it was shooting time... So on manual exposure and focus (again so nothing changes) I shot a ton of images of the car and of the luggage only changing the lighting position and type. With the pocket wizard this worked really well, cause I was able to do this all very fast and by myself. I was able to just run around with 1 light on a wheeled boom stand shooting and repositioning the light. 

Me wheeling the boom stand around

I didn't care about light direction cause my plan was just to light the crap out of it and make a surrealistic nighttime type look anyways... so having the light coming from a specific direction didn't matter for this shot. Once the car was done we setup up and shot each of the girls separately... making sure we got the best possible image of each of them. The girls lighting setup was pretty simple... I used one 4’ soft box as the main in front of them, then had a bare bulb kicker on the sides to give them a little bit of highlight and separation from the dark background. Interesting thing I learnt was that dark fur is like a black hole for light.... it takes allot of light to register on the fur... but then by that time your blowing out the skin... was tough to balance. Doing it this way also had other logistical pluses, like while I shot the car the first model was having hair and make-up done... then when I was shooting her the next one was being prepped, this way we needed only one make-up person and one stylist...cheaper! 

Brianne doing an amazing job on the props
Sharon and Denali 
who is this guy?
Over all view of where we were working

Next came the photoshop stuff and that was pretty straight forward process of a million layers and just painting in things I liked from each different shot. The only cool thing was I was able to use gravel from another shoot in the summer and place in the bottom of the image while maintaining all proper shadows... I was stoked that it worked out so well.
So thats about it.... 
I would like to thank: 
- Mike Collins at Rendezvous Society for great ideas, art direction, and tasty snack table
- Brianne Meister for being an awesome photo assistant and stylist, and set designer, and mad stick-man drawing skills
- Lyndsey Hamilton for her super resourceful stylist skills, and knowledge
- Sharon Speiss for all the lovely make-up and hair work she did for us.
Canon 5d mk2
Tethered to laptop shooting to Lightroom 3
Fired by motor-drive Pocketwizard
Lights used - 3 Alien Bee B800’s controlled by more pocket wizards

Finished Image

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2012 Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen Candidates!

Welcome to the first GBP Blog post of the new year.... hope you all had a great holiday season and are back and feeling refreshed. Now on to the meat and potatoes.... Rendezvous... Ya, I know its still a bit early to be thinking about this Yukon institution of old timey goodness.... however it's getting closer and I cant wait any longer to share some pictures with you. We are super excited this year because we have had the opportunity to hook up with the Rendezvous Society, who has been working hard to make some changes to the festival and we are stoked to be a part of it! One of the parts we got to shoot this year is the famous Queen candidate portraits. We shot all 12 ladies in a span of 2 days in early Dec right here in our studio. It was probably the 2 busiest days that we have ever had here at GBP. Bill Murray (our Newfoundland Dog studio mascot) has never had so many new friends and belly scratches in such a short period of time. Thanks to all of the girls for being so great to work with. Oh and please let us know what you think of the new look this year by way of the comments below.

Here you go the 2012 Queen Candidates........



PEI...A perfect wedding destination

Fact: GBP loves the east coast...

I (Brianne) went to university out there (STFX), but this was Gary's first trip to PEI and NS, and let's just say it wasn't a hard sell to get him to fall in love with them...

We were lucky enough to head out there this August to cover two weddings...The first being this one on PEI...We lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day, making the ceremony down on the beach that much more sand, the smell of the couldn't really beat it.

The bride and groom, Ern and Tim, were incredible all day...laid back, and ready to just enjoy a day to celebrate with their 18 person bridal party (go big or go home!), and a fantastic group of family and friends...They rented a 'party bus' to transport us all from the beach back to the reception area, and even served Wendy's double bacon cheeseburgers for a midnight snack...unique, fun, and memorable...we were so honoured to be a part of their day!

I've already warned them that they should probably be giving us a call when they need maternity photos in the future... ;)