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PS: The 'Portrait Sharing Project" Part 2...

Well after a crazy few weeks of travelling for work, we are back in the studio doing some editing on this rainy we thought while we're at it, we should put out another edition of our Portrait Sharing Project!

This week, we want to focus on "Reflections". We don't mean you have to get deep and find a photo you took that analyzes life...we straight up mean, show us your photos that you've taken that have used reflections in cool/artistic way! (And of course, if it happens to also connect with pondering the meaning of life we're keen to hear about it!) 

Firstly, we decided to share this shot we took of our friend Stratis of Headless Owl Records.  Originally, we had been asked to do a portrait of him for a local magazine, but we wanted to do something a bit different and not just have a traditional shot for the editor. This was simply taken with him looking out of his front window, while Gary stood like a creeper in the bushes outside, shooting in...The neighbours may have thought something weird was going on, but we were stoked with the result.

When using reflections in your shots, especially when they are darker,  you need to create a space for your subject within the reflection itself. In this case, Gary found a gap to place the subject in between the trees. It's a bit gritty, and moody, which we liked for this particular project.

And not gonna lie...Gary loves to use reflections...Here's a couple more examples to check out!

Sometimes it's just a matter of stopping to take a look at your surroundings, and trying something different...have you used reflections in any of your shots? In water, on metal, on glass, etc? 

If so, let's see em! Same rules as last time...just post your shot in the comments section of our FB post, and only supportive comments allowed! Let's help make the internet a friendlier place shall we?



'Love Actually' gets me every time....

Full disclosure: We watched Love Actually last night (for like the 20th time) and I cried a total of 3 times. (this is Bri talking...thought I should clarify that) 

Why am I confessing this you ask? Well friends, it's because i'm a sucker for feel-good stories, and i'm not afraid to admit it. And because anyone who knows me, knows that I am physically incapable of holding back my tears. (I've also cried while watching Sons of Anarchy this week, which for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of watching the biker gang drama series, it's a very different storyline than our beloved Love Actually)....But what can I say? I'm an emotional creature.

And what the hell does this have to do with our photography you ask? Well, because i'm a sucker for feel-good stories, it's no surprise that one of my favourite types of shoots we get to do are engagements.

Hence we wanted to share one of our most recent sessions we did with Liz and Mike! Although they aren't in a biker gang, they do love motorcycles...

Congrats guys!




Dear Yukon Summer...

Dear Yukon summer,

I'm writing on behalf of this beauty couple who are about to have a very important day tomorrow. They are getting married.

Now I know you appreciate a sports fan, and I can assure you that these guys fit the bill. Not only do they cheer for the Jays, but they met at a sports tournament back in the day and have been together ever since.

They take advantage of your awesomeness...and i'm just writing because I think you should take advantage of theirs too.  

All we really need is a light overcast, (even just between 2-6pm) to make sure that these two look their absolute best.  Heck we'll even take sunshine if you'd rather.  We can make it work. Just no rain or crazy wind ok?

We promise to take a ton of photos to prove to you that they appreciate your playing along. 

We need a win here Yukon summer...Montreal couldn't quite do it, even though they gave it a good effort, but we know you can.

Sincerely, GBP.




Get your dancing shoes ready...Portraits by GBP Creative let me tell you a little story...

A guy and a girl each decide they want to take Salsa dancing classes.  So they sign up, not knowing that they are about to meet each other there while practicing their sweet moves...Then BAM. They TOTALLY fall in love and eventually get engaged, then call GBP for an engagement session to which Gary and Bri reply: "Are you KIDDING ME? You met and fell in love at salsa lessons?? That is full on movie set cute...You people aren't real." 

Seriously guys...this actually happened. And these are the photos that resulted. 

HUGE thanks to the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre for hosting us in their beautiful space for this shoot.  We needed a location with high ceilings to accommodate dancing and lighting gear, and this space worked out perfectly.

And congratulations to Brigitte and Justin for having the most adorable story, and moves, out there...