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PS: The 'Portrait Sharing Project" Part 2...

Well after a crazy few weeks of travelling for work, we are back in the studio doing some editing on this rainy we thought while we're at it, we should put out another edition of our Portrait Sharing Project!

This week, we want to focus on "Reflections". We don't mean you have to get deep and find a photo you took that analyzes life...we straight up mean, show us your photos that you've taken that have used reflections in cool/artistic way! (And of course, if it happens to also connect with pondering the meaning of life we're keen to hear about it!) 

Firstly, we decided to share this shot we took of our friend Stratis of Headless Owl Records.  Originally, we had been asked to do a portrait of him for a local magazine, but we wanted to do something a bit different and not just have a traditional shot for the editor. This was simply taken with him looking out of his front window, while Gary stood like a creeper in the bushes outside, shooting in...The neighbours may have thought something weird was going on, but we were stoked with the result.

When using reflections in your shots, especially when they are darker,  you need to create a space for your subject within the reflection itself. In this case, Gary found a gap to place the subject in between the trees. It's a bit gritty, and moody, which we liked for this particular project.

And not gonna lie...Gary loves to use reflections...Here's a couple more examples to check out!

Sometimes it's just a matter of stopping to take a look at your surroundings, and trying something different...have you used reflections in any of your shots? In water, on metal, on glass, etc? 

If so, let's see em! Same rules as last time...just post your shot in the comments section of our FB post, and only supportive comments allowed! Let's help make the internet a friendlier place shall we?



Corporate Photography with GBP Creative

As visual design nerds, we are always stoked when we get a call from a corporate client that works in that world and comes to us looking for imagery for their company.

We are even more stoked when that company is looking for something a bit more unique-something that really showcases either their space, or their personalities, which is exactly what one of our recent clients, Northern Front Studio, was looking for.

This wasn't a tough sell as they are located in the new Waterfront building in a beautiful office, and not only is the team awesomely personable and approachable, but they just so happen to have their fourth team member, who happens to walk on all fours, but still holds a high spot in the company.  Well played office dog, well played.

If you want to check some details on the team and their architecture and design work, check out their website at