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2018...the year the blog comes back...

Last year we took a little break from blogging. We had a new member join the GBP team (our daughter Mabel) and so paired down a little bit on some things to get her situated in her new job as future assistant for the company. 

But  now that we're all back in the full swing, we decided it was time to dust off the old Blog sharing skills and get back into it, so with that, thought we'd jump in by sharing one of our latest projects here in 2018!

We recently did some portraits for our friends who are starting up their new production company, Outpost 31. These guys are pros in the film industry, now combining their talents under one roof and so were looking for some new imagery for their website launch! 

Keep your eyes out for projects coming your way from Outpost 31...







A law firm with a new look...Headshots by GBP Creative

We recently got to work with Aasmans Brand Communications to create portraits for one of their clients-a local law firm, who was getting a full re-design done of their website.

We had some very specific requests in terms of the look and feel of the shoot, as they needed images that really expressed the right emotion and that would tie in well with their new web design.  

Specifically, they were looking for head shots of their team which helped showcase their confidence, and professionalism while remaining inviting and accessible.  

We also thought it would be really cool to go one step further and include some of the brand's complimentary colours in every shot to tie them all together, which was this great, vibrant green.

Ok...only issue was that it turns out all of their legal team didn't have exact matching pieces of green clothing (go figure eh??).  So, through the magic of post processing, we were able to pick pieces of their attire to change up and create our uniform look without making everyone go on a shopping spree...

And here you have the results!

To see what the images look like incorporated into the new web design, check out Austring Fendrick & Fairman's page at: