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Get your dancing shoes ready...Portraits by GBP Creative let me tell you a little story...

A guy and a girl each decide they want to take Salsa dancing classes.  So they sign up, not knowing that they are about to meet each other there while practicing their sweet moves...Then BAM. They TOTALLY fall in love and eventually get engaged, then call GBP for an engagement session to which Gary and Bri reply: "Are you KIDDING ME? You met and fell in love at salsa lessons?? That is full on movie set cute...You people aren't real." 

Seriously guys...this actually happened. And these are the photos that resulted. 

HUGE thanks to the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre for hosting us in their beautiful space for this shoot.  We needed a location with high ceilings to accommodate dancing and lighting gear, and this space worked out perfectly.

And congratulations to Brigitte and Justin for having the most adorable story, and moves, out there...