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Your recycling dreams have come true...

When we first signed up for Blue Bins Recycling back in the day, as our blue bins were delivered to our door we were told "our recycling dreams have come true"...and they DID!

No more garage full of 6 months worth of recycling we had to try to take down to the centre as it's done every 2 weeks instead! SCORE. 

Needless to say, we're big fans of Blue Bin Recycling and were stoked to work with them to create some new marketing material for their company that features a bunch of their sweet merch! 

As it's a fun, energetic company, we wanted to be sure the images reflected that, so this is what we came up with!

If you want to check out their services, OR get a hold of some sweet merch to help promote another awesome local company, check em' out at:



GBP Creative 2015 Roundup...

Well 2015 is coming to an end, so as always, we thought it would be a good time to look back on the year and what we got up to...

2015 was a crazy year. We had one of our largest commercial shoots to date, creating a new image catalogue for our local telco company, Northwestel, which took months of preparations, 3 days of shooting, a crew of 12, and over 18 models.

We worked with some of our favourite clients, and also met some new ones as we continued to expand our commercial and corporate work throughout the north. Whether we were standing on top of a mountain, trying to figure out what an MRI would do to the electrical components in our cameras, or filming dance scenes throughout the streets of Vancouver, it was a pretty eclectic mix!

And when we look back at it, although the year had some ups and some downs, overall it was a big year of growth for us, and we are just so incredibly stoked that you guys, our community, give us the ability to do what we do everyday. 

We feel really lucky to be where we're at, and can't wait for what 2016 has in store....Let's make some more awesome stuff together shall we?



That's a wrap! The Best of GBP in 2014!

Well 2014 has officially come to an end, so we thought it was only appropriate to jump on the "Year in Review" bandwagon, and share some of our favourite images and videos from the past 12 months!

It's always sweet looking back, as it was a crazy busy and diverse year for us work-wise, and it seems like forever ago that some of these projects even happened. 

We hope everyone had a safe and awesome new years celebration last night-whether that was hitting the dance floor hard, or binge watching Netflix and going to bed by 9:00...2015 has some exciting projects on the go already for us and we can't wait to have you along for the ride!





A law firm with a new look...Headshots by GBP Creative

We recently got to work with Aasmans Brand Communications to create portraits for one of their clients-a local law firm, who was getting a full re-design done of their website.

We had some very specific requests in terms of the look and feel of the shoot, as they needed images that really expressed the right emotion and that would tie in well with their new web design.  

Specifically, they were looking for head shots of their team which helped showcase their confidence, and professionalism while remaining inviting and accessible.  

We also thought it would be really cool to go one step further and include some of the brand's complimentary colours in every shot to tie them all together, which was this great, vibrant green.

Ok...only issue was that it turns out all of their legal team didn't have exact matching pieces of green clothing (go figure eh??).  So, through the magic of post processing, we were able to pick pieces of their attire to change up and create our uniform look without making everyone go on a shopping spree...

And here you have the results!

To see what the images look like incorporated into the new web design, check out Austring Fendrick & Fairman's page at: