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The 'Always a good choice' Cake Smash

So...there's this trend in family photography over the past few years called the cake smash...

What you do, is you take a one-year old, or really, whatever age child you've got, and you put a beautiful, colourful cake in front of them. And then you wait...

You see, most kids at this age, probably haven't exactly delved into the world of delicious, icing covered deserts yet. So when they finally get the courage to stick their tiny little finger into the sweet, sweet, icing, and taste a bite, you can literally see in their eyes, a flash of pure joy. For this is the moment, my friends, when they realize they've tasted the best.thing.ever. AND their parents are letting them do it!!!

Now, you simply sit back, and capture the next 5-10 minutes of cake smooshing, icing devouring good times, and get some pretty sweet memories to embarrass them with at their high school graduation ceremony.

So, really it's a win win...And now I want some cake...