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PS: The 'Portrait Sharing' Project.

Well it's the start of a new week, so we thought, why not start a new tradition? 

Portraiture has always been at the centre of what we do, and why we fell in love with photography in the first place. We think it's rad that in a single image, you can tell someone's story, create a character, or set an entire scene. They can be super simple, or crazy elaborate. But no matter what, a portrait tells a story and that's what we love most about them.

So, because of our love of portraits, we thought it would be fun to start looking back at some of our favourites and share them with you guys each week, including some background on the inspiration, why we did particular styles, lighting, etc! 

This idea came to me when I was going through the archives and came across this portrait of one of our favourite artists, the lovely Rosemary Scanlon! It made me think of all the times we take shots for a particular client (in this case, a magazine profiling her work), where often the client only needs one shot, but we end up with quite a few that we love...

SO, what better way to to look back on some of our favourite shots, than to share them with you guys? And while we're on this sharing train, we thought why don't we keep it rolling and get you guys involved?

We thought it would be rad to see what you're creating too! 

Now, anyone who's taken our courses knows one of our favourite sayings is that "the best camera is the one you have on you." So we don't care if you're taking your shots with an iPhone as a hobby, or have the newest professional gear on the market-you can get creative with anything! So if you have an image you think fits the theme of the portrait we've posted, share it in the comments section of our Facebook post and let's see what everyone is creating! 

Note: This isn't about critiquing or judging who's doing what, it's just about sharing images you're proud of, so the only rule is to keep it positive! The internet has enough negativity on it, so we want only supportive comments and postings! 

And with that, welcome to our new tradition- PS: The 'Portrait Sharing' Project

For this first week, let's talk environmental contrast.

For this portrait in particular, we used an old forest fire burn site as our location to create a nice contrast between Rosemary's polished look and her surroundings. One of Gary's favourite things is when there is a stark contrast between the subject of the image and the environment. A space that isn't what you necessarily normally see the person in, adds an extra element to your image. The key is making sure that the background doesn't become over distracting and take away from your subject.

So with Rosemary, we really wanted to do something a bit different than having her portrait done in her studio which you might normally expect for a feature on an artist. The burn site actually ended up being a perfect location as it was an interesting backdrop, but still incorporated a lot of the tones and colours that she happened to have in her work at the time. Her water colour paintings included a lot of darker backdrops, and stark trees mixed in with incredible colourful details. If you haven't seen her work, do yourself a favour and check out her website at:

For the lighting we kept it simple and used one Octa-box camera right as it was a cloudy day, so there was already great light for what we were looking for. 

And speaking of contrast, Gary is not only a fan of it in terms of storyline/backdrop, but also in terms of the dark to light ratio in his editing process, which you'll also notice in this image.

And here you have it! 

We're stoked to go through the archives and find more  to share with you guys over the next few weeks! 

Rosemary Scanlon



Portraits of Yukon's Most Awesome...

We were SO stoked when the most recent issue of Yukon North of Ordinary Magazine came out because we've been waiting to share some of our favourite work we've done yet this year which is featured in our photo essay!

Also, we were so pumped how this cover worked out...Raven looks so rad!

So, we often talk about how our favourite part of our job is the people we get to meet along the way, and the stories we hear, so it only  made sense when we thought up the idea to do a specific portrait series which highlights some of the people in our community who we think bring next level awesomeness to what they do...Each person in this series has an incredible story and makes our community such a unique and supportive place to live.  The magazine article has write ups on each person so be sure to check out the full series! (I know they have copies at Mac's Fireweed

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the images, and send shout outs to everyone who was involved.  You guys are literally why we do what we do, and it was a total honour to have each of you in our studio. 


Wolf Lady and Raven of The Oh-So-Amazing Dakka Khwaan Dancers

Darryl Tait-Adrenaline machine, and best Instagrammer out there

Kate White-Baker, Biker, and Advocate

Leonard Gordon Sr- Crossing Guard, Elder, Safety Machine

Myrna Kingscote- Costume Maker, Small business owner, and Rendezvous Royalty

Stephanie Dixon- Paralympian, Advocate, and Beam of Sunshine

Val Pike- Health Professional, Volunteer Extraordinaire, Women's health advocate

Garbage Truck Santa (Wayne Henderson)- Spreader of joy, Christmas Spirit, and Yukon charm





Dawson City - Lightroom Magic

Hello friends! Gary here,

Well the morning started out a bit rainy, so we thought it'd be a perfect day to talk about some indoor stuff.... like photo processing! 

Ok, so if you have taken our Lightroom work shop you will know that we do about 90% of all our image processing in Adobe Lightroom 5. We do all of our ingesting, keywording, tagging, colour tweaks, spot removal, and even use it to build photobooks for our clients.

In other words, Light room is the sh*t!

SO, I wanted to show you a bit of before and after action of this image from Dawson City, Yukon we took in the beginning of the summer for our stock library.

Out of camera image, no lightroom adjustments..... blah, flat, laaame!

Out of camera image, no lightroom adjustments..... blah, flat, laaame!

Lightroom magic..... boom!

Well how did we do that? Below are the the adjustments we did!

  • Increase Temp - I like my images to be a bit on the warm side
  • Decreased Exposure - image was too bright
  • Increased Contrast - to make highlights brighter, and shadows darker
  • Increased White - One of my fav tricks to brighten the brighter parts of the image
  • Increase Clarity - Love clarity, it adds sweet mid-tone contrast/sharpening 
  • Decrease Vibrance - I like to drop the vibrance of the colour in all of my images
Basic Panel   

Basic Panel


  • Green Hue - I upped this a bit to warm up just the green tones in the image
  • Green Luminance - I increased this a bit to make the green tones a bit brighter, to help them radiate a bit
  • Blue Luminance - I think I just forgot to make it zero.... oops.
HSL Panel

HSL Panel

  • I just added a bit of sharpening and a bit of noise reduction to smooth things out a bit.


Details Panel

Details Panel

Graduated Filter - These brush tools are the most powerful of the magic of Lightroom:

Graduated Filter

Graduated Filter

Ok its hard to see but I made a selection of just the sky area:

  • Increased Temp - to warm up sky even more
  • Increased Contrast
  • Decreased Highlights - to try to bring back some of my over exposed sky :(
  • Increased Clarity - Love Clarity!
  • Increased Saturation - Add a bit more colour to the sky area.
Graduated Filter Panel

Graduated Filter Panel

Graduated Filter

Graduated Filter

And finally I did another Graduated Filter selection of the lower part of the image:

  • Increased Clarity - Love Clarity :)


Graduated Filter Panel

Graduated Filter Panel

And there you have it!  Let me know if you have any questions in the space below and we'll happily reply!