Your recycling dreams have come true...

When we first signed up for Blue Bins Recycling back in the day, as our blue bins were delivered to our door we were told "our recycling dreams have come true"...and they DID!

No more garage full of 6 months worth of recycling we had to try to take down to the centre as it's done every 2 weeks instead! SCORE. 

Needless to say, we're big fans of Blue Bin Recycling and were stoked to work with them to create some new marketing material for their company that features a bunch of their sweet merch! 

As it's a fun, energetic company, we wanted to be sure the images reflected that, so this is what we came up with!

If you want to check out their services, OR get a hold of some sweet merch to help promote another awesome local company, check em' out at:



Major Funk in the Studio

What happens when you take 8 badass musicians into the GBP studio for a Funk Photoshoot?

We get Major Funk and the Employment's latest photo series! 


We love working with musicians, especially when they are looking for something a little different. With an 8 member band, it can be hard to get everyone together at the exact same time during a busy summer, so we created this main image by doing a composite of single images of each individual member that we shot throughout an entire evening a few weeks ago.

We love composites as it gives us the flexibility to ensure every single person looks their best, and also allows us the freedom to create unique environments or effects to go along with it. 

This shoot was also extra special to us as one of the members of the band, miss Fiona Solon was actually Gary's very first "for a purpose" photo model waaaaay back in the day! She needed headshots, and Gary loved taking photos so it was his first "assignment"...and now over 10 years later we still get to work with her on various projects which is pretty rad.

And if you haven't had the chance to hear Major Funk yet, you've gotta get on it! Check out their site at: 



A Little Humans Portrait Day...

As many of you may know, we've recently done some pet portrait sessions for all those people out there who love their pets as much as we do...

So that got us to thinking...what if you didn't HAVE a 'fur child' but instead a human child? Maybe you want to get a portrait too...

So on that note, we've decided to hold a special "Little humans" portrait day!

We're going to hold it next Saturday, April 23rd here at the Studio!

Bring in your little ones for a GBP portrait session! We've only got 10 spots available.

Then you'll get a personal Portrait of your little one in a style just like this:



The Details:

Only limitation is that your little human has to be old enough to be able to sit up on it's own (or at least in a bumbo style chair). 

Sessions are $220 Plus GST.

You'll receive two GBP edited images which we choose with you here in the studio. 

You'll have access to the full resolution files so that you can print, and share as many times as you'd like!

Your Little Human can come dressed in their normal clothes, or if you have someone who is determined to always be Batman, then heck, we'd be honoured to have BatBoy or BatGirl here in the studio!

*All sessions are for one child only. If you'd like multiple children's portraits done, please select multiple sessions in a row.

Book your session online here: OR shop directly from the links below.

See you next Saturday!



A follow up to our Mental Health Call out...

So it's been a couple of weeks since we first put out our call for models for an exhibit we're going to be doing this summer re: Mental Health and Coping, and we wanted to give an update on where things are at.

First and foremost, we need to send a HUGE thank you out to our community. When we first decided to do this show, we thought it might be hard to find even 10 people who would be interested. After all, it's a pretty big request of someone to share some of their most intimate and often difficult to talk about experiences in a public forum.  We have instead, however, been completely blown away by your response.

As of now we have close to 40 people who have come forward willing to share their stories. Everyone from parents and children, to people in their 70's, from Government employees, to students, to former sex workers.

We have people who are open advocates of mental health awareness, to people who are sharing their story for the very first time, and both your strength and trust in us continues to blow us away every day.

We are still in the process of interviewing people and each and every day we are learning more and more about the vast world that is Mental health.  We've spoken with people who have or are struggling with, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, various forms of OCD, Bipolar Disorder, survivors of trauma, people with postpartum depression and people living with PTSD. We've also heard of various forms of coping through their most difficult times, and have heard a lot about the holes in our society's system in terms of support for Mental Health at various stages.

Every day we are learning, and every day it becomes more and more clear just how important this project really is. 

We just wanted to say thank you again, to everyone who has come forward. Your stories are so important, and we are honoured that you're allowing us to help you tell them.

We will start shooting the series the end of April, and we have plans to help get as many people out to see and experience these stories throughout the summer as we can.

We are excited to share this with you all in the coming months. Until then, we just encourage anyone reading this to please be kind to each other. You never know what your co-worker, the person behind the till at the store you're at, or even what some of your best friends may have been through or may be struggling with. 

We're excited to help start the conversation.

Bri and Gary




Call for Models for exhibit exploring Mental Health and Coping

We are creating a portrait series for a gallery show this summer, and are in need of models who are willing to share their personal stories with us.

Knowing we had this opportunity for a gallery show, we wanted to be sure we created a series that really had some special meaning and impact behind it. After having recently done a smaller series focussing on Brianne's journey with long distance running to cope with her past struggles with anxiety and depression, we saw direct impact on our community, with a lot of dialogue opening up around mental health issues from that group art exhibit. 

We saw the power in people sharing their stories, in breaking down the stigma around mental health, and thus, creating a safe space for people to discuss their own personal struggles and stories together. 

Because of this, we were inspired to do a show that will be very different stylistically, but try to further explore the concept of coping with mental health in our community.

What we hope to do is shed some light on the various mental health issues people in our community face, in a very raw way.

If you have ever struggled with an issue, be it anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, or any other mental health issue and would be willing to share your story with us, we’d love to meet with you.

Models will be chosen to best showcase a variety of issues to really show the diverse nature of mental health. There are ways that we can creatively hide your identity if requested during the portrait session, and we will also be doing our best to ensure this is an empowering process for you in which you can feel proud of the images created.

We will both be highlighting people who are still struggling, as well as those who have found a way to cope with their struggles. We really want to be able to highlight the variety of ways that people live their lives while coping, whether that be through sport, through the arts, or through other means. 

So no matter what part of your journey you are on, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

If you, or someone you know is interested in this project, please get in touch with Brianne at for more information on the creative concept. All meetings will be kept confidential.

At this point, we will simply meet with you to hear more about your story, and talk about the concept we have for the show, after which, we will choose our final list of models.

Thank you in advance!


Brianne and Gary

GBP Creative





GBP Creative 2015 Roundup...

Well 2015 is coming to an end, so as always, we thought it would be a good time to look back on the year and what we got up to...

2015 was a crazy year. We had one of our largest commercial shoots to date, creating a new image catalogue for our local telco company, Northwestel, which took months of preparations, 3 days of shooting, a crew of 12, and over 18 models.

We worked with some of our favourite clients, and also met some new ones as we continued to expand our commercial and corporate work throughout the north. Whether we were standing on top of a mountain, trying to figure out what an MRI would do to the electrical components in our cameras, or filming dance scenes throughout the streets of Vancouver, it was a pretty eclectic mix!

And when we look back at it, although the year had some ups and some downs, overall it was a big year of growth for us, and we are just so incredibly stoked that you guys, our community, give us the ability to do what we do everyday. 

We feel really lucky to be where we're at, and can't wait for what 2016 has in store....Let's make some more awesome stuff together shall we?



Dogs for a Cause...

As many of you know, we put on a special fundraiser this weekend to help raise some funds for a friend of ours who recently lost her home and many of her beloved pets in a house fire.

Although totally relieved she, her husband and their daughter weren't home at the time and therefore were safe, we were heartbroken for them to find out that they lost so many of their pets in the incident. 

This is the family we actually got Bill Murray from, so we know all too well how much they loved those animals, and how much of an integral part of the family they were. SO, the only thing we could think to do was try to raise money to help them rebuild, and we thought what better way, than to celebrate the crazy, hyper, furry, sometimes frustrating, but always loving little creatures well call our pets through a portrait day.

And as always, Yukon, you didn't disappoint. Within 2 hours of posting about the event online, we were filled solid-I didn't even get the chance to post the actual schedule online we had so many requests!

We are SUPER excited to announce, that after a crazy day of laughs, drool, sniffing and one accident on the floor, we raised $ 1400 for a family in need.

HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to participate-it was so much fun.  And another huge thank you to our friend Lyndsey, who helped out throughout the day, and as you'll notice, her baby Gus who helped us do a light test too...(He also fit into the drool category so we thought he should make it into the gallery).

Drools and fur everywhere...the perfect Saturday.



Sarah MacDougall is back...

We've been working with a lot of musicians here lately, so thought it would be fitting to end our work week by sharing one of our most recent sessions with the amazingly talented, Sarah MacDougall!

We recently did this studio session with Sarah and wanted to bring in some darker colours, but still keep the mood light. We used movement in a few of the shots and also brought in some of her instruments to help show the diversity of sounds in her latest record.

We've worked with Sarah quite a few times now, and it's always awesome to see how much she's evolved both in her artistic style surrounding the concept of our shoots, as well as musically. If you haven't heard her music yet, stop what you're doing and head to she's unreal.



PS: The 'Portrait Sharing Project" Part 2...

Well after a crazy few weeks of travelling for work, we are back in the studio doing some editing on this rainy we thought while we're at it, we should put out another edition of our Portrait Sharing Project!

This week, we want to focus on "Reflections". We don't mean you have to get deep and find a photo you took that analyzes life...we straight up mean, show us your photos that you've taken that have used reflections in cool/artistic way! (And of course, if it happens to also connect with pondering the meaning of life we're keen to hear about it!) 

Firstly, we decided to share this shot we took of our friend Stratis of Headless Owl Records.  Originally, we had been asked to do a portrait of him for a local magazine, but we wanted to do something a bit different and not just have a traditional shot for the editor. This was simply taken with him looking out of his front window, while Gary stood like a creeper in the bushes outside, shooting in...The neighbours may have thought something weird was going on, but we were stoked with the result.

When using reflections in your shots, especially when they are darker,  you need to create a space for your subject within the reflection itself. In this case, Gary found a gap to place the subject in between the trees. It's a bit gritty, and moody, which we liked for this particular project.

And not gonna lie...Gary loves to use reflections...Here's a couple more examples to check out!

Sometimes it's just a matter of stopping to take a look at your surroundings, and trying something different...have you used reflections in any of your shots? In water, on metal, on glass, etc? 

If so, let's see em! Same rules as last time...just post your shot in the comments section of our FB post, and only supportive comments allowed! Let's help make the internet a friendlier place shall we?



PS: The 'Portrait Sharing' Project.

Well it's the start of a new week, so we thought, why not start a new tradition? 

Portraiture has always been at the centre of what we do, and why we fell in love with photography in the first place. We think it's rad that in a single image, you can tell someone's story, create a character, or set an entire scene. They can be super simple, or crazy elaborate. But no matter what, a portrait tells a story and that's what we love most about them.

So, because of our love of portraits, we thought it would be fun to start looking back at some of our favourites and share them with you guys each week, including some background on the inspiration, why we did particular styles, lighting, etc! 

This idea came to me when I was going through the archives and came across this portrait of one of our favourite artists, the lovely Rosemary Scanlon! It made me think of all the times we take shots for a particular client (in this case, a magazine profiling her work), where often the client only needs one shot, but we end up with quite a few that we love...

SO, what better way to to look back on some of our favourite shots, than to share them with you guys? And while we're on this sharing train, we thought why don't we keep it rolling and get you guys involved?

We thought it would be rad to see what you're creating too! 

Now, anyone who's taken our courses knows one of our favourite sayings is that "the best camera is the one you have on you." So we don't care if you're taking your shots with an iPhone as a hobby, or have the newest professional gear on the market-you can get creative with anything! So if you have an image you think fits the theme of the portrait we've posted, share it in the comments section of our Facebook post and let's see what everyone is creating! 

Note: This isn't about critiquing or judging who's doing what, it's just about sharing images you're proud of, so the only rule is to keep it positive! The internet has enough negativity on it, so we want only supportive comments and postings! 

And with that, welcome to our new tradition- PS: The 'Portrait Sharing' Project

For this first week, let's talk environmental contrast.

For this portrait in particular, we used an old forest fire burn site as our location to create a nice contrast between Rosemary's polished look and her surroundings. One of Gary's favourite things is when there is a stark contrast between the subject of the image and the environment. A space that isn't what you necessarily normally see the person in, adds an extra element to your image. The key is making sure that the background doesn't become over distracting and take away from your subject.

So with Rosemary, we really wanted to do something a bit different than having her portrait done in her studio which you might normally expect for a feature on an artist. The burn site actually ended up being a perfect location as it was an interesting backdrop, but still incorporated a lot of the tones and colours that she happened to have in her work at the time. Her water colour paintings included a lot of darker backdrops, and stark trees mixed in with incredible colourful details. If you haven't seen her work, do yourself a favour and check out her website at:

For the lighting we kept it simple and used one Octa-box camera right as it was a cloudy day, so there was already great light for what we were looking for. 

And speaking of contrast, Gary is not only a fan of it in terms of storyline/backdrop, but also in terms of the dark to light ratio in his editing process, which you'll also notice in this image.

And here you have it! 

We're stoked to go through the archives and find more  to share with you guys over the next few weeks! 

Rosemary Scanlon