So it's been a couple of weeks since we first put out our call for models for an exhibit we're going to be doing this summer re: Mental Health and Coping, and we wanted to give an update on where things are at.

First and foremost, we need to send a HUGE thank you out to our community. When we first decided to do this show, we thought it might be hard to find even 10 people who would be interested. After all, it's a pretty big request of someone to share some of their most intimate and often difficult to talk about experiences in a public forum.  We have instead, however, been completely blown away by your response.

As of now we have close to 40 people who have come forward willing to share their stories. Everyone from parents and children, to people in their 70's, from Government employees, to students, to former sex workers.

We have people who are open advocates of mental health awareness, to people who are sharing their story for the very first time, and both your strength and trust in us continues to blow us away every day.

We are still in the process of interviewing people and each and every day we are learning more and more about the vast world that is Mental health.  We've spoken with people who have or are struggling with, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, various forms of OCD, Bipolar Disorder, survivors of trauma, people with postpartum depression and people living with PTSD. We've also heard of various forms of coping through their most difficult times, and have heard a lot about the holes in our society's system in terms of support for Mental Health at various stages.

Every day we are learning, and every day it becomes more and more clear just how important this project really is. 

We just wanted to say thank you again, to everyone who has come forward. Your stories are so important, and we are honoured that you're allowing us to help you tell them.

We will start shooting the series the end of April, and we have plans to help get as many people out to see and experience these stories throughout the summer as we can.

We are excited to share this with you all in the coming months. Until then, we just encourage anyone reading this to please be kind to each other. You never know what your co-worker, the person behind the till at the store you're at, or even what some of your best friends may have been through or may be struggling with. 

We're excited to help start the conversation.

Bri and Gary