As many of you may know, we've recently done some pet portrait sessions for all those people out there who love their pets as much as we do...

So that got us to thinking...what if you didn't HAVE a 'fur child' but instead a human child? Maybe you want to get a portrait too...

So on that note, we've decided to hold a special "Little humans" portrait day!

We're going to hold it next Saturday, April 23rd here at the Studio!

Bring in your little ones for a GBP portrait session! We've only got 10 spots available.

Then you'll get a personal Portrait of your little one in a style just like this:



The Details:

Only limitation is that your little human has to be old enough to be able to sit up on it's own (or at least in a bumbo style chair). 

Sessions are $220 Plus GST.

You'll receive two GBP edited images which we choose with you here in the studio. 

You'll have access to the full resolution files so that you can print, and share as many times as you'd like!

Your Little Human can come dressed in their normal clothes, or if you have someone who is determined to always be Batman, then heck, we'd be honoured to have BatBoy or BatGirl here in the studio!

*All sessions are for one child only. If you'd like multiple children's portraits done, please select multiple sessions in a row.

Book your session online here: OR shop directly from the links below.

See you next Saturday!