Alright, so it's official! We have teamed up with the Whitehorse Firefighters Association and Mae Bachur Animal Shelter to create a 2015 Calendar and the official shoot is happening today!! 

Now, the good news is that there is still time for you to be a part of this sweet project!

We still need corporate sponsorship in order to ensure all production costs of the calendar are covered, so that way, 100% of the proceeds from calendar sales can go directly to helping keeping animals safe and healthy through the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter.

We've even got this handy dandy little info-graphic to help explain how it is all going down:

Now, we've only got a few sponsorship spots left, so if you, or someone you know has a business that fits the following criteria, you should give us a call:

1) You love puppies and/or kittens and want to help keep them safe and healthy

2) You love firefighters

3) You love helping out your community

4) You are like Scrooge McDuck and are swimming in a pile of gold coins that you just need to get rid of

And just a little sneak peak at the types of photos we're creating today:



If you're interested in being a sponsor, get a hold of us asap at and we'll get you set up! 

And if you're interested in purchasing said calendars, stay tuned for more info on when/where that can happen later this fall!