Here's what we know about morel mushrooms so far:

1. The year after a forrest fire, they grow out of the burn sites.

2. They look like little brains popping out of the ground, but also look very similar to pine cones, which can be deceptively tricky when looking for mushrooms.

3. They taste DELICIOUS

4. It is hard working picking these little guys...but it's like a treasure hunt so it's fun hard work.

5. Burn sites are a crazy beautiful and peaceful environment.  (Stay tuned for our portrait session we did out there, to be released soon!)

5. When driving to the burn site you can play Iggy Azalea on repeat, and drive Gary Bremner crazy. 

6. Carmacks has a milkshake machine you guys...and it's called "F'Real" which is apparently a thing in Ontario??

7. Basically, spending time in the woods, picking your future dinner, in a crazy beautiful place is pretty sweet...especially when you end it with weird milkshakes.