When Speed Control visits the GBP studio, you can hear them comin'... 

Like literally...every shoot with these guys seems to end in gut wrenching screams that probably leave our neighbours wondering what the hell we have going on in this place...

           **Sorry neighbours!! We promise we're not doing anything too weird!

But hey, sometimes 3 grown men just have to scream as loud as they possibly can in in order to get the shot, because it turns out it looks pretty damn rad.  And if anyone's going to be down for an unconventional shoot, it's Speed Control.

We did try a few more serious looks at first, but when editing, quickly realized that it just didn't look like 'them'.  Anyone who's seen a Speed Control show, or knows these guys personally, will agree that these shots capture their energy a lot better than the old "band standing in a triangle brooding toward the camera" shot.  

On top of the shoot itself, we were lucky enough to have our friend Brett Elliot come by and film a Behind the Scenes video for us as well! We are so stoked with how it came together, as it was cool for us (and hopefully you guys!) to see how the shoot went down, and then how that process transpired into the final images.

So again, a HUGE thanks to Brett for putting this video together, and of course to the Speed Control guys for taking over the studio for a night! Always a good time! 

To check out more on Speed Control, visit their site at: http://speedcontrol.ca