Mmmmm holidays...especially those that take you to magical lands like Maui...

We just recently snuck away for a week with a couple of our friends to rent a condo in Maui, and re-set before the summer season starts. 

Along with sharing a few of our favourite shots, we thought we should also share some of the major highlights/things we learned:

1- Maui has some weird liquor laws...we decided it was actually the town from Footloose because it's illegal to dance in bars unless you're in a designated dancing area. (seriously...bars have to have a specific dance floor or else it's banned).  

2- If Brianne were travelling alone, she would have gone on this awesome tour of this really great condo that she didn't even have to be interested in buying, which only would have taken an hour of her time and then she could have gotten LOADS of free tours and coupons! But noooooo, everyone had to be all debbie downer and say it was a time share and drag her away from the nice sales man. (Whom she trusted whole heartedly) 

3- SEA TURTLES.  They are giant and magnificent creatures

4- Lu-au's, although touristy and cheesy, are the greatest thing ever when your name is Brianne Bremner

5- Gary still yells at landscapes when the sun doesn't set properly... (Anyone who's taken our photo course knows this has to do with his control issues...HA!)

6- Drinks DO taste better when there are mini umbrellas in them

7- When watching a world class group of wind surfers do their thing, you are incredibly humbled and realize you will never be even as close to as cool as them...not ever.

8- SUP boarding is overrated.  See GIF below.


9- Yelling out "Surf Board" in a Beyonce voice (a la Drunk in love) never gets old...for probably does for Gary though. (Katie Hill gets me) 

10- Seeing people boogie board nude is an interesting experience...

So to sum it should probably go to Hawaii some time...turns out it's pretty great.