So some of you may remember a little set up in the studio we had a while back that looked something like this....


Well we thought we should probably share some of the shots that came out of it!

We had SO much fun on this shoot, as we got to work with an incredible family, the mom of which just so happens to share the same love of photography as us, and had a specific concept she wanted for her shoot.  The goal was to create a really beautiful, soft light with an etherial feel.  

Now we all know Gary loves building stuff, so the answer to her request, was to build a mock-bed room-like space in the studio, which he then named the comfy fort and was highly disappointed when we had to tear it down.  

The cool thing was that it wasn't actually that tough to build-it really just consisted of a bunch of white bedsheets suspend from light stands and 2x4's, and then a sheer bed netting, and cream blankets for the base. We then backlit all 3 walls by bouncing studio flashes off of our white walls of the studio which helped disperse and soften the light, creating an even soft light throughout the entire room.  Basically, our walls and the sheets became giant soft boxes.  

We were really happy with the results...also doesn't hurt that the whole family was just so-darn beautiful too!

Thanks again Carmen for being so awesome to work with and for bringing your amazing family to the studio!