So if you know either of us, it will come as no surprise to you that there are a few things in life that we love and never want to go without:

1. Coffee.  This is the actual fuel that keeps us moving, and it's dark, delicious aroma wakes us up every single morning

2. Photography.  Sharp cheddar warning: We love what we do guys. Like we seriously stop every few months and think to ourselves: "Wholly crap, we actually are getting to do this for a living!"  Then we high five it out and get back to work.

3. Beer.  Good beer.  Heck, it's one of the reasons that Gary moved up to the Yukon in the first place-he saw a sweet little Northern city that had good coffee, a good cultural scene and an amazing local brewery...what more could you want!?

Needless to say, when one of our favourite local businesses,Yukon Brewing, asked us to do some commercial work for them we were ALL IN.

So although they're killin' it here in the Yukon, Yukon Brewing has also spread out to other places in Canada over the years, and they were looking to do a specific ad for a wine festival happening in Alberta this fall.

A beer ad in a wine festival publication?  OH'll see why below.

So, the marketing team came to us with a pretty nailed down concept already, and we had to make the execution happen.  Luckily we had a great team together, and were able to find a perfect little 'bar' spot to set up shop for the afternoon to get a series ready for them to choose from.

Below is the final image, followed by the fully designed edition which hit the wine festival this fall...

Because it's true, Man simply cannot live on wine alone...