We were tidying up the studio today, and after everything was all put back in it's place after a crazy busy few weeks here at GBP, I realized something...

We're closing in on just about 1 full year of having our new studio up and running and we honestly can't remember how we did without it!  Well, actually we can...it was cramped in our tiny house and we couldn't have friends or family over because we had no room for anyone to sit, unless they had camera gear piled on their laps...To have a dinner party, we had to move our 'studio' back into a little room, and pull the couches and chairs out, then return everything back when it was done to set up for the next shoot again....ugh.  So let's just say we're feeling pretty grateful for this awesome space we now have.  (And the fact that our coffee/beer deck is finally cleared of snow, isn't too shabby either!) Like most people, our first studio was just us working with what we had (in our case, our living room), and so it's really satisfying to just sit back and reflect on the fact that after all these years, we now have been able to really invest even further into our business and have this beautiful space to work out of.  

So, in celebration of that, we thought we should share some of our recent studio work with you...

These are some shots from a recent family shoot we did, with an amazingly adorable family.  As you've probably noticed, we really enjoy a nice clean, simple style which doesn't normally involve a lot of props, etc. There's just something about having a stark negative space around the subject, that we really love the style of...it allows you to really just focus in on the people themselves-thier expressions, and emotions, which is our favourite part of the type of work we do.