Well folks, tonight's the night...CHICAGO the musical is hitting the Guild Hall stage!

If you haven't gotten tickets to see this show, stop what you're doing (well, finish checking out this blog maybe, THEN stop what you're doing) and get down to Whitehorse Motors to grab some tickets!  It's going to be one amazing show...How do we know? Well we had the great fortune of sponsoring it, and in doing so, we did some promo shots for the poster, as well as all of the head shots for the cast and crew!

And what a cast it is! These people have given SO much to this show to make it happen, and we were so stoked to have gotten to support them in doing so! We decided we wanted to scrap the traditional headshot concepts, and do something that was a bit more sassy...more Chicago style and all...

So, let us introduce you to the cast and crew of CHICAGO! We'll be there cheering them on this friday night...what night are you gonna check them out??

Check out the show details on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/121726108011408/?fref=ts