Before the holidays, we had recently released our first music video for Headless Owl Records featuring Kyle Cashen...Ever since we've been meaning to do a quick behind the scenes post for you so you can get a better idea of what we did to make the video happen...

Turns out today's the day...

This was a wicked project for us as we got to collaborate with some of our favorite people: Andrew Stratis and Kyle Cashen of Headless Owl Records, and sound magician (technical term) Jordy Walker who recorded and mixed the track.  Having worked with these guys on various projects over the years, it's super rad for us to see how much everyone has expanded their talents and their expertise over time...there was also coffee, food, and tons of terrible jokes flying around so all in all it was a good work day.

Often a music video is created by playing the pre-recorded, studio produced song out loud and having the musicians play along with it.  Headless Owl wanted to do something a bit different.  They wanted to have that 'live' feel to this release and so actually wanted to record the song right there in the location during the shoot.

In order to do this, we set  up the first shot in terms of camera angle, etc. and then Kyle ran through and played the song a couple times until he and Jordy were happy with the audio.

We then played that live audio back in the more traditional video sense with him playing along to it so that we could have a few more angles to play with in the editing of the video.

All in all, it was a full day of shooting/recording, but the process had really just begun...

Jordy Walker then takes the audio back to his studio and fine tunes it, and then outputs the final audio file to us.

At this point, we get into editing mode which is the forgotten, but oh so important role of both photography and video...and video has a whole other realm of software/processing techniques separate from the photography world.

The audio gives us a baseline to start aligning our video to, by cutting in the different angles to create a flow, as well as tweak colour, ensure timing is matched, etc.

In the process of all this, rough cuts are sent around to the various parties involved to ensure all of our visions and expectations are met.  These projects are always a truly collaborative effort as it takes a variety of very specific skills to make it all come together.  And let's get serious, with this particular group of crazy perfectionists, a few drafts did float back and fourth...

But we think, in the end, it was worth it.

SO, hope you guys enjoyed the video, and we're stoked because we have many more video projects coming up in this new year...

Again, big thanks to all involved and to see more from everyone check out their links below:

Produced by Headless Owl Records

Written and Performed by Kyle Cashen

Sound Recorded and Mixed by Jordy Walker

Kyle Cashen - Think it Over from Headless Owl Records on Vimeo.