Sometimes when you come across someone with great talent, they can be...well, how can we put this..." challenging"to work with?  Come on, you know what we're talking about...that guy you know, who's really good at that thing but you don't really like to talk to him about it because then you have to deal with him yammering on about it for hours on end? THAT guy....the guy you can barely fit into a room with because his head is too big and there's just not enough space for the both of you.

Well, this post, my friends, is not about that guy. It's actually about the opposite guy.

The shots below are from one of our recent  sessions with local Actor Calvin Laveck, who has been going to school in Toronto, and is now based there to further his work in theatre.  He's the epitome of a super talented, yet humble artist and we're always left wondering "how is that guy so NICE?" every time he leaves the studio...

Over the years, we've come to realize that overall, the artists we've worked with here in the Yukon fit into this second category...even though we're super lucky to have an incredible arts scene, filled with crazy talented people, we find that the ones we've worked with haven't brought any egos along with them...they instead come with open minds, eagerness, and excitement to work together.  They are stoked to help teach us about their industry-to share their stories and experiences, and really help us get a better understanding of what it's like to be an actor, a dancer, a musician, etc...And it's from this understanding that we're better able to help them get images that really convey something authentic and unique to their art form.

You see, the point we are trying to make here, is that one of our favourite things about living here in the Yukon is the people. Whether it's an artist, a family, or a corporate team, the Yukon just seems to bring out the best in people...and we're stoked when we're reminded of that fact by our awesome clients like Calvin.

So well played on being so awesome Calvin-we're stoked to see where you go from here, because we're sure it's gonna be some pretty rad places!