Well it's official...we can't fight it anymore...The snow keeps creeping lower and lower in the hills and the leaves, they are a changing.  Winter is coming.
(Whoa accidental Game of Thrones reference!)

Anyways, in GBP land, the end of summer means that we are also at the end of what was a whirlwind wedding season...We shot weddings in Mexico, Haines Junction, and many in Whitehorse over the past few months and although there are a few more fall ones booked, the main wedding season is coming to a close.

Which brings us to 2013! We are actually just about all filled up for our summer wedding season already, with only a few spots left, so if you're getting married in 2013 and would like to work with GBP, please give us a shout ASAP at info@garybremner.com