It's always a little bit of a shock when parents call us to book a one year session with their babies who just months ago were in our studio as tiny, little, "i'm gonna have you all wrapped around my finger" newborns.  They're so GOOD at that eh?...

Now, if it's that much of a shock to us, we can only imagine what it must be like for the parents themselves...They've now made it through a lot of the sleepless nights, thousands of diaper changes and 'first tooth' experiences and can't believe a full year has already flown by.

This family is one of those very clients, who were actually just with us 6 months ago for a shoot, and even in that amount of time, their little girl has changed SO much.  This time around, we opted for an outdoor shoot, and as you'll notice, although she is a pretty serious little lady, we got some smiles out of her along the way.

At this age, it's fun to take kids out of the studio setting and see them interact with the 'real world' now that they are exploring more, and it's always amazing to us to see their personalities come out now that they're a bit older.  Instead of newborn "i'm gonna have you wrapped around my fingers", they are larger versions who can communicate better as to what they want!  Even MORE leverage for finger wrapping!

And for all those parents out there who are willing their kids to stay small and not grow up too fast, don't worry too much....just rest assured that the next phase has some pretty great parts to it as well. (and hopefully more sleep)