Fishnets, pasties, lipstick, doll heads, dancers, comedians, moustaches and top hats...just a few of the things you find yourself working with when you shoot a burlesque show...and when that burlesque show happens to be Varietease-a locally produced show filled with an eccentric and incredibly talented cast, it makes photographing it that much more exciting...

For the past 3 Varietease productions, Gary has documented the show both front stage during the live performances, as well as backstage, capturing the energy and personalities that make the show come alive...If you've ever wondered what happens backstage burlesque..."Undressed" is definitely the show to check out!

This will be Gary Bremner Photography's first show at the Yukon Art Centre Gallery, and we're really excited to have it feature some of our more gritty work...As you'll notice, we do a lot of wedding and family photography, but we also have a passion for the arts and working in a theatre/cabaret environment is always an amazing experience creatively...And we're happy to share our work with a larger audience now so we can really exhibit the diversity of what we love to do as photographers.

So...we're hoping you'll be able to come check out the opening reception this Saturday, Oct. 1st at the YAC Gallery from 6-9pm...We'll be there to answer any questions and chat about the show, but if you can't make it that night, it will be displayed Oct.1-29 as well...

Hope to see you there!

Bri and Gary