Here we go with the first post on the new GBP Blog...

We have had an incredible summer this year... we have been very lucky in such a tight market to be able to do what we love to do for a living... i'm still waiting to wake up from this dream. We have been so busy we haven't had to time to get some of our recent work out to you... but now that the late fall (for the Yukon anyway) is upon us, and the weddings are starting to thin out, we are getting a bit of time to catch up on some of these todo's... One of which is a future new website (which I'm stoked on because we have had the same style for a while now), and  we are also working on a new Studio! This is huge for us, because if you have worked with us in our current studio you will know that, although it functions quite well.... it takes up all of our living space in our modest little home. So for us to get a new space is not only professionally significant, but will be huge for us to get our living space back too! Oh man to be able to have people over again! And another thing that I've wanted to do is a blog.... the tough part is that I'm a visual person and not into the written word... but good thing for you and me, there's Brianne! I imagine she we handle most of these entries in the future (I love partnerships!) Speaking of partners, let’s get to a few pics!

Here is a couple shots from a maternity shoot we did in August with an amazing couple who already had one super cute little man and were expecting another little one shortly…Actually they welcomed their newest baby only 1 week after we did this shoot... and we've already done a newborn session with them as well... man this summer has flown by!